"Trouble on the Line" is a Sawyer Brown song written by Mark Miller and Bill Shore. It was originally released on their Cafe on the Corner album in 1992. Released as a single in 1993, the song reached #5 on the US Billboard Country chart.

Cafe on the Corner
Greatest Hits 1995


Operator we must have a bad connection
If you got someone wantin' me
I changed my number when she changed her mind
Operator can't you see

There's trouble on the line
Tears are gonna fall
It happens every time
She's up against the wall
Somebody broke her heart
Now she's after mine
The minute that she calls
There'll be trouble on the line

Operator now that we've been disconnected
How does she keep gettin' through
I won't have a choice
If I hear her voice
Operator can't you see


The minute that she calls
There'll be trouble on the line


"Trouble on the Line" appears on two Sawyer Brown albums:

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