"Superman's Daughter" is a song written by Mark Miller. It was released by Sawyer Brown on their 1991 Buick album. It was not released as a single.



She was the most unusual girl I'd met
She stole my heart and she took my breath
She had these certain ways I did not understand
And when I mode my move to execute my plan
She was leading me like a lamb to a slaughter
You don't mess around with Superman's daughter

Superman's daughter got looks that kill
She got x-ray eyes - she got a heart of steel
When she fell in love I never would've caught her
If I'd only known she was Superman's daughter

She is soft to touch - she is hard to hold
She is one minute hot, she is one minute cold
But it's too late, Clark, for me to turn back now
She's got me heart over mind and I'm wondering how
She could do anything shy of walkin' on water
The girl must be Superman's daughter

Chorus repeats twice


"Superman's Daughter" appears on one Sawyer Brown album:

Music VideoEdit

Although "Superman's Daughter" was not released as a single, it was released as a music video. It featured the band with an airplane called "Superman's Daughter." thumb|300px|right