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"Still Water" is a Sawyer Brown song written by Mark Miller and Gregg Hubbard. The song was recorded as a duet with Mark Miller and Donna McElroy. It was first released on the band's 1991 Buick album.

True Believer


Lord, I talk too much and say the wrong things
Time and time again
Still when times get rough, Yours is the voice
That says I can come home again

Chorus Beside the still water
This world can't touch me
You're my shield, You're my true friend indeed
You're the still water where I find my peace

When I feel far from You all I need do
Is sit and whisper your name
You're the one place I know where I can go
And find love - that never will change


When I feel I can't go on
I can feel Your hand gently lead me home


Yes you are
You're the still water
Where I find my peace


"Still Water" appears on two Sawyer Brown albums:

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