Some Girls Do is a Sawyer Brown song written by Mark Miller. It was released in 1992 on their album The Dirt Road. The single went to #1 on the U.S. Billboard Country chart on May 23, 1992.

Dirt Road
Greatest Hits 1995
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She turned up her nose as she walked by my Cadillac
From the corner of my eye I saw you and you laughed
You were sittin' on the swing on your front porch
Paintin' your nails like you were bored
And you yelled "She was sure impressed with you"

Well I ain't first class
But I ain't white trash
I'm wild and a little crazy too
Some girls don't like boys like me
Aww but some girls do

I yelled and asked if you would like a ride
When we pulled out of your yard I balled a tire
You was laughing at me, I was doing James Dean
You was the prettiest girl I'd ever seen
When you rolled your eyes and twirled my pink fur dice


Well good ole' boys don't get no breaks
And rich boys think they got what it takes
But there's someone for each of us they say

Chorus x2

I said some girls do
You know some girls do
Like boys like me
You know some girls do


"Some Girls Do" appears on four Sawyer Brown albums:

Music VideoEdit

The music video was directed by Michael Salomon. It features the band performing the song at a hardware store.
Sawyer Brown some girls do

Sawyer Brown some girls do.