Greatest Hits Vol. 2
Greatest Hits 2 VHS




Curb Home Video

In 1993 Curb Home Video released "Greatest Hits Vol. 2" - a second VHS compilation of Sawyer Brown music videos. This release featured four music videos and a short interview segment with the band. While the first VHS release featured every video the band had released to that point, this video did not. Videos for "One Less Pony" and "Superman's Daughter" were likely left off because they featured guitarist Bobby Randall, who had recently left the group and been replaced by Duncan Cameron. Videos for "The Dirt Road" and "Cafe on the Corner" were also left off, although clips of both are shown in the interview segment.

Music VideosEdit

  1. Interview Footage
  2. Some Girls Do
  3. All These Years
  4. The Walk
  5. Thank God for You