Greatest Hits 1990-1995 Radio Special
Greatest Hits Radio




American Network Radio

The "Greatest Hits 1990-1995" radio special was a syndicated radio special hosted by Charlie Chase. It aired in 1995 to promote Sawyer Brown's Greatest Hits 1990-1995 album, but also included a two songs from their first Greatest Hits release.

Segment BreakdownEdit

Segment 1Edit

  • Song #1: "Some Girls Do"
  • Enough Hits for Two Greatest Hits
  • A Show Stopper (8:06)

Segment 2Edit


Segment 4Edit

Segment 5Edit

What Do you Wanna Be?

Segment 6Edit

Segment 7Edit

  • Song #12: "This Time"
  • How Long Do You Want To Do This?
  • The Fans
  • Spell It
  • Radio Show Close (9:10)


Also included several radio promos to advertise the show.

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