"Circles" is a song written by Dave Loggins and Marv Green. Sawyer Brown released the song on their 2002 album Can You Hear Me Now. The single peaked at #45 on the US Billboard Country chart.

Can You Hear
True Believer


There’s one around my finger
One around my coffee cup
One around the hands of time
And that big orange ball a comin’ up
There’s one around my eight to five
Four beneath me when I drive
An extra one for overtime
There’ll be one in the hugs around my legs
And one around my waist
And one around the table holdin’ hands and sayin’ grace

I thank God for circles
For you for me for family and friends
I thank God for circles
May they go ‘round and ‘round and never have to end

There’s one around the block
There’s always one around the bend
Any to and from you go
And back again
Some are green and some are gold
And summer turns to winter cold
And into spring the seasons roll circles
There’ll be one around the candles
One around the birthday cakes
One around the table holdin’ hands and sayin’ grace


There’s one around the world
That goes around so we can see it all
One around the halo
When we're called


I thank God for family circles
May we find and have so many more of them


"Circles" appears on two Sawyer Brown albums: