"Betty's Bein' Bad" is a song written by Marshall Chapman. It was released as a single by Sawyer Brown in 1985. It was included on their 1986 album Shakin'. The song went to #5 on the US Billboard country chart.

Greatest Hits


Betty's out bein' bad tonight
Betty and her boyfriend
They had a big fight
She found out
What everybody knew
Too many cooks spoil the stew
She don't care
What nobody thinks
She's gonna be bad
'Til the whole town stinks

Betty's bein' bad
Betty's bein' bad
She's bad bad bad
She's out bein' bad
Betty's out bein' bad tonight
Betty and her boyfriend
They had a big fight

She went home when she found out
Said, "Pack your bags
I want you out"
Her boyfriend thought
She was talking jive
'til he saw her standing
With a .45
A .45's quicker than 409
Betty cleaned house
For the very last time


Now if you go out
And you see Betty
Don't scream and shout
Unless you are ready
You are ready to rock
Ready to roll
'Til hell freezes over
And you catch a cold
Betty's not mad
She's just getting even
Betty's bein' bad
It's her way of leaving



"Betty's Bein' Bad" appears on two Sawyer Brown albums:

Music VideoEdit

The music video for "Betty's Bein' Bad" was directed by Martin Kahan. It featured Willard Scott as Betty's boyfriend, and Betty was made to look like Betty Boop.thumb|300px|right

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